Since 1970, at John-fil Cooperative, SCCL, we have been dedicated to the manufacture of all types of outwear knitted garments for men and women.

Mainly we manufacture pieces of knitting in a variety of models that are manufactured according to production orders received from our clients and labelled with their brands. But we also have designs that are offered with our own brand.

The cooperative was founded in 1970 in the village of L’Espluga Calba, in les Garrigues region, when a group of pioneers led by the priest of the village started its activity with the aim of obtaining additional revenues complementary to the uncertain benefits of farming and aiming to stop the continued exodus of young people towards the cities in search of a job.

We are an associated worker cooperative strongly rooted in our region. Our company philosophy is based on cooperative principles and values (work, democracy, solidarity and education).

It consists of a highly qualified team with training and experience in the textile industry. All workers are members of the cooperative and that means having a maximum involvement in the project. We are certain that our professionalism and commitment are key strengths within this sector as well as quality, seriousness in dealing and attractive prices.

We have over forty years experience of manufacturing knitwear which gives us a secure knowledge of the industry and the commitment to continue working on a line that has yielded so much success.

Currently, the cooperative consists of over eighty people from l’Espluga Calba and surrounding villages, working with a high degree of responsibility and a tireless work ethic, constantly looking to foster high quality, innovation, perfection and customer satisfaction.